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Outback Spares
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Outback Spares

OutBack inverters have a worldwide reputation for reliability and long service. However, since they are often used in remote locations they are designed to be field serviceable with replacement parts in the unlikely event of a failure. Step by step instructional videos are available.

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Product Code Description Retail Price
(ex VAT)
OB-202 GS7048/3548E board stack assembly replacement £947.90
OB-200-0002-1H 12V Fet board for VFX2612E & FX2012 £238.75
OB-200-0002-2H 24V Fet board w/connector £375.00
OB-203 GS7048/3548E power module replacement £1,455.45
OB-FXR-AC48 AC Board for FXR48V (Emodels) £205.85
OB-200-0002-3H VFX 48V Fet board w/connector not R models £375.00
OB-FXR-CON48 Control board for FXR48V (Emodels) £205.85
OB-200-0009-5/FX2012E FX2012E Control Board £238.75
OB-FXR-FET48 FET Board for FXR48V (Emodels) £523.46
OB-200-0009-5/FX2024E FX2024E control board £238.75
OB-200-0009-5/FX2348E FX2348E control board £238.75
OB-200-0009-5/VFX3024E VFX3024E control board £238.75
OB-200-0009-5/VFX3048E VFX3048E control board £238.75
OB-200-2012-20 VFX2612E control board £238.75
OB-210-0009-4 FX & VFX AC board (all models) £238.75
OB-856-0005-2 Replacement fan for Outback Inverters £27.46