SMA Sunny Tripower Storage System

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  • Modular system with scalability up to the MW range
  • Can be used with or without PV integration


  • Active battery balancing up to 100 times faster than conventional systems
  • Highest system efficiency in its class of up to 92%


  • Complete, perfectly harmonized entire system from a single source
  • Simple and fast integration into the ennexOS energy management system with Sunny Portal connection


  • All system components from a single source
  • All system components are perfectly harmonized
  • Equipped for future applications thanks to the modular structure of ennexOS, the IoT platform for energy management
  • Optimal investment security thanks to the optional extended warranty up to 10 years

Thanks to the energy management system integrated in the Inverter Manager and the SMA Storage battery's high C-rate, a wide range of grid system services can be provided. This system opens up new economic opportunities for industry and commerce.


  • Peak load shifting – cut your peaks in consumption and save money by reducing the size of the mains connection
  • Increase self consumption – use more of the power you have generated
  • Ancillary services – manage frequency, effective and reactive power, and balance grid fluctuations
  • Diesel hybrid optimisation – diesel hybrid systems can be optimised for consumption with this system
  • Not suitable for back-up or emergency power
SMA Logo SMA Sunny Tripower Storage System

SMA Janitza Power Analyser

This DIN rail mounting Power Analyser is a multifunction measurement device and operates as transients recorder, with integrated energy meter (kWh, kVar), harmonics analyser, condition monitoring and data logger. Built-in webserver enables easy access to current and historical data.

Used to monitor the power quality and implement comprehensive energy management in coinjunction with SMA Data Manager and SMA Inverter Manager.

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Product Code Description Retail Price
(ex VAT)
SMA-JANITZA-SP SMA Power Analyser and energy meter £774.67

SMA Storage Package - Business

The new SMA STORAGE PACKAGE – BUSINESS is the most innovative solution in its class for commercial and industrial storage applications. The package includes:

Battery inverter: 1 x Sunny Tripower Storage 60 - 60kW
Storage and battery management system: 1 x SMA Storage Business - 67kWh
Communication units: 1 x SMA Inverter Manager together with power supply; 1 x SMA Data Manager M; 1 x Power analyzer JANITZA UMG 604

The package can be scaled up by adding either more 67kWh SMA Storage Business battery cabinets (toincrease storage capacity) or more 60kW Sunny Tripower Storage invereters to increase charge/discharge power.

SMA Storage Business Package

SMA Sunny Tripower Storage 60

The Sunny Tripower Storage 60 three phase battery inverter offers a perfect solution for commercial and industrial systems. Provides 60kW charge power and 75kW discharge into the grid.

Used with the SMA Inverter Manager to allow comprehensive energy management functionalities. The STP Storage supports a wide range of ancillary services as well as peak power management and self-consumption.

  • High Power Density - 75kW & only 77kg
  • Maximum efficiency - 98.8%
  • DC input voltage up to 1000VDC
  • Allows modular extendable solutions
  • IP65 enclosure
  • Dimensions: 570 x 740 x 300 mm (W x H x D)
  • Operating temperature range: -25 to +60 deg. C.
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • G99 certification
SMA Sunny Tripower Storage 60
SMA Sunny Tripower Storage 60
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Product Code Description Retail Price
(ex VAT)
STPS-60-10 SMA Sunny Tripower Storage inverter, 60/75kVA in/out £5,663.94

SMA Storage Business

Whether for increased self-consumption or peak load shaving, coupled to the utility grid or off-grid for optimizing diesel hybrid systems, SMA’s Storage Business offers a commercial power storage solution for every application. Its advanced, cost-optimized design ensures unbeatable efficiency without sacrificing power and quality. High-end battery cells from the automotive industry and innovative technologies such as the Active Battery Optimizer make SMA Storage Business one of the most durable products on the market.

Consists of 14 battery modules, 1 Active Power Unit in 2 rack cabinets with 67kWh of storage capacity.

  • Dimensions: 1900 x 1200 x 600 mm (H x W x D)
  • Weight: 824 kg

Optional expansion pack of 2 extra battery modules giving a total 76kWh capacity.

Optional DC combiner allows up to four batteries to be connected to one STS-60 inverter.

Service Life

Designed for a service life of up to 30 years (or 8000 operating cycles)

  • @ 100% DOD | 70% EOL | 23 °C +/- 5 °C 1C/1C 6,000 cycles
  • @ 100% DOD | 70% EOL | 23 °C +/- 5 °C 0.5C/0.5C 8,000 cycles
  • DOD (depth of discharge)EOL (end of life)


  • Operating voltage: 627 to 814 VDC
  • Operating Temperature: 10 ~ 50 °C
  • Humidity: 0 ~ 85 % (non condensing)
  • Battery Management System: Active Battery Optimizer Technology by TESVOLT
  • Round Trip Efficiency (Battery): up to 98%
  • Cells: Lithium NMC prismatic (Samsung SDI)*
  • 10 years battery performance warranty,; 5 year product warranty
SMA Storage Business
SMA Storage Business
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Product Code Description Retail Price
(ex VAT)
SMA-STORAGE-67-TV-10 67 kWh storage battery inc 14 modules, cabinet, BMS & cables £39,900.47
SMA-STORAGE-EXT-TS-10 SMA 9.2kWh 2 module storage extension kit inc connectors £4,632.51
SMA-STORAGE-COMBINER DC combiner for 1 x STPS-60 inverter & up to 4 x batteries £1,213.24

SMA Inverter Manager

Used with the SMA Highpower PEAK3 and Sunny Tripower Storage inverters. The SMA Inverter Manager handles all inverter communication, data aggregation and plant control. Use this single point of access to control and communicate with up to 20 inverters in one system.

SMA Inverter Manager
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(ex VAT)
STP-IM-60 SMA Inverter Manager £1,775.33

SMA Data Manager M

In combination with the new Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS, the Data Manager M optimizes communication, monitoring and control of PV systems. The Data Manager M replaces the SMA Cluster Controller, and with its new ennexOS software platform based on the „Internet of Things“ for energy management, is both easily expandable and well equipped to handle new business models of the energy market future.

With intuitive assistance functions for the Data Manager M and inverter, time on-site for commissioning is significantly reduced. And with the new ennexOS platform, it is possible to change system and inverter parameters via Sunny Portal avoiding further time on-site.

With its impressive and efficient user interface powered by ennexOS, the Data Manager M is the ideal platform and professional system interface for power supply companies, direct marketers, service technicians and PV system operators.

  • Quick and intuitive commissioning of all local components and Sunny Portal
  • Simple integration of I/O systems and energy meters
  • Can be flexibly expanded to satisfy new requirements and changing customer needs via software expansion packs
  • Access to the rapidly changing energy market of the future
SMA Data Manager M
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Product Code Description Retail Price
(ex VAT)
SMA-EDMM-10.A SMA Data Manager M Lite for up to 5 Devices and 30kVA £278.09
SMA-EDMM-10 SMA Data Manager M for up to 50 Devices and 2.5MVA £687.44