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Studer AJ Series

These Swiss sinewave inverters are powerful and reliable enabling any 230Vac equipment (up to the nominal power of the selected inverter) to be operated from a battery. They deliver high output rates with top efficiency whilst having a low standby power draw.

Standard appliances including sensitive equipment such as computers, radio, audio and satellite equipment can be powered without interference.


Figures in brackets refer to 24 V units.

  • Input Voltage: 10.5-16.0 VDC (21-32 VDC)
  • Output Voltage: 230 Vac (+/- 5%)
  • Output Frequency: 50Hz +/- 0.5%, true sine wave
  • Power draw in standby/sleep mode: < 1W(not J200)
  • Load sensing: 1W to 20W (adjustable)
  • Overload Capability: max. 250% (max 300%)
  • Max. Efficiency: approx. 93%
  • Warranty: One year.


  • Low Battery
  • High Battery
  • High and Low Output Voltage
  • Short Circuit
  • Over-temperature

The units automatically shut down if any of the above occur, then the inverter tries to restart three times. If the fault is not removed the inverters switch off. LED indicators show the fault condition and re-start is then by reset switch.

Studer AJ Series

These connect to a 12 or 24V battery to give clean quality sinewave power.

Ideal for operating computers; fax machines; audio equipment; TV & videos; battery charging for phones , cameras and tools; security equipment; central heating pumps & controls; electric scales; lighting; - the list is endless! Reliable powerful and efficient (94% max).  Includes on/off mode indicator LED & audible alarm.

Includes battery cables and AC output cable.

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Product Code Description Retail Price
(ex VAT)
AJ2100-12 AJ 2000W, 12V sinewave inverter £350.00
AJ2400-24 AJ 2000W, 24V sinewave inverter £350.00