MultiContact Connectors

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These weatherproof connectors are standard fittings on many modules.

The correct tools are required to prepare cables and allow connectors to be attached.

Branch connectors allow parallel connection

Stäubli MC4 Connectors

  • Locking fit
  • Rating: 1000V, 39 A when used with 4 or 6 sq mm FlexSol cable.
  • Temperature rating: -40°C - +90°C.
  • For cables with outside diameter of 5 - 6mm (gland diameter range)
Multi-Contact Type 4 Connector Female MC4
Multi-Contact Type 4 Connector Male MC4 Multi-Contact Type 4 Branch Socket MC4 Multi-Contact Type 4 Branch Plug MC4
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Product Code Description Retail Price
(ex VAT)
C1-4/MCF(2) Multi-contact MC4 positive female connector,4-6sqmm, 5-6mmOD £1.56
C1-4/MCM(2) Multi-contact MC4 negative male connector, 4-6sqmm, 5-6mmOD £1.18
C1-10/MCF Multi-contact MC4 positive female connector,10sqmm cable,43A £1.67
C1-10/MCM Multi-contact MC4 negative male connector,10sqmm cable, 43A £1.31
PV-AZB4 Multi-contact branch socket (type 4) negative, 50A £6.30
PV-AZS4 Multi-contact branch plug (type 4) positive, 50A £6.28
C1-4/MCFP(2) MC4 Panel receptacle female 39A 4-6 sqmm £2.26
C1-4/MCMP(2) MC4 Panel receptacle male 39A 4-6 sqmm £1.82