TBS Battery Monitors

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Battery Monitors

Battery Monitors

This small digital state-of-charge meter displays Volts, net amps charging or consumption, net Amp-Hours & Kilowatt hours consumed and how much operating time remains. Time-Remaining is based on your choice of present consumption, average consumption in last 6 minutes, 30 minutes or 24 hours. 

Four multi-colour LED Bar Graph acts as an at-a-glance ‘fuel gauge’. Indication of low battery and that the battery has reached the charged parameters.

DATA mode displays charging efficiency, number of recharge cycles, average depth and greatest depth of discharge. 

RS-232 computer output for data logging; 
Relay output for generator starting; 
temperature sensing for temperature compensation. For 12 or 24 V systems. Prescaler allows use in systems up to 100VDC. 

Consumes 150mA (20mA in bar graph only sleep mode) 
Mounts in 2" (52mm) diameter hole, 2.9" (75mm) deep. 
500A shunt included. Accuracy +/- 0.5%. 

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Product Code Description Retail Price
(ex VAT)
EM-1 State of charge meter for 24/36/48V systems £75.00