Protection Relays

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External network and system protection (NS protection) used to disconnect power generation systems from the grid by coupling switches in the event of inadmissible threshold values. If voltage and frequency measurements on the power generation system are outside the thresholds required in applicable standards (such as G99)

Anti-islanding protection relay

Ziehl Voltage and Frequency Relay UFR1001E

  • Pre-configured controller set to comply with G99 settings.
  • Password protected.
  • For single phase or three phase systems
  • Continuous monitoring of the phase and line-to-line voltage
  • Measured values are continuously shown on an LED display
  • Under and overvoltage monitoring 15…520 V
  • Measuring phase-neutral or phase-phase
  • Monitoring of under- and overfrequency 45…65 Hz
  • Monitoring of quality of voltage (10-minutes-average)
  • Monitoring of vector shift 2…65°
  • Monitoring of rate of change of frequency (ROCOF, df/dt)
  • 0,100...5,000 Hz/s
  • One-fault-proof with monitoring of connected switches (defeatable),
  • 2 automatic restarts at error
  • Passive anti-islanding protection acc. to ch. 6.5.3 and app. D2
  • Switching delay adjustable 0.05 … 300 s
  • Switching back delay adjustable 0 … 6.000 s
  • Preset values acc. to VDE-AR-N 4105:2018-11 (Pr2), VDE-AR-N 4105-2011-08 (Pr1)VDE-AR-N 4110:2018-11(PR11-14) and BDEW (Pr3-6)
  • G98 (G83/2) and G99 (G59/3) for Great Britain
  • ÖVE standard for Austria
  • VSE/EEA-CH 2014 for Switzerland
  • Alarm counter for 100 alarms (trip value, cause and rel. time stamp)
  • Record of added times of alarms
  • Input for standby with counter and recording of time
  • Test button and simulation with measuring of switching-times
  • Sealing. All values can be read-out when sealed
  • Easy installation and programming with pre-set programs
  • Housing for DIN-rail-mount, 105 mm wide, mounting height 66 mm

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Ziehl G99 Relay - UFR1001E
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