Victron Battery Protect

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Victron Battery Protect

The Victron Battery Protect disconnects the battery from loads before the battery is completely discharged, this prevents damage to the battery and will leave some charge in the battery e.g. to start an engine.


  • 12V/24V system automatic detection
  • Programmable without connection to computer (see manual for details)
  • Over voltage protection, prevents damage to sensitive loads in case of over voltage
  • Ignition proof, uses MOSFET switches so creates no sparks
  • Delayed alarm output and load disconnect (see data sheet for details)
  • 5 years warranty

Victron Smart Battery Protects include Bluetooth to allow any required engage/disengage levels to be set. Alternatively, one of nine predefined engage/disengage levels can be set with the programming pin (see manual). If required, Bluetooth can be disabled.

Victron Battery Protect 200i front
Victron Battery Protect 200i left angle
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Product Code Description Retail Price
(ex VAT)
VBP-65 Victron Battery Protect LV disconnect 12/24V 65A £31.08
VBP-100 Victron Battery protect, LV disconnect 12/24V, 100A £46.20
VBP-100/48 Victron Battery protect, LV disconnect 48V, 100A £103.32
VBP-220 Victron Battery protect, LV disconnect 12/24V, 220A £75.60
VBPS-65 Victron Smart battery protect 65A, 12/24V £47.04
VBPS-100 Victron Smart battery protect 100A, 12/24V £61.32
VBPS-220 Victron Smart battery protect, 220A, 12/24V £91.56
VBPS-100/48 Victron Smart battery protect, 100A, 48V £119.28