Solar Garden Pumps

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Solar powered pumps can be used anywhere. Run directly from solar panels, they will work whenever there is sufficient sunlight, the brighter the sun the greater the flow. Safe and simple, they allow instant water features in even the smallest gardens
and ponds.


They are intrinsically safe and simple to install since they don’t require mains wiring and transformers.
Because the pumps are low voltage the risk of electric shock associated with mains power and water is eliminated. No extra costly wiring and safety equipment is required.


This could not be easier. Simply plug the solar module and pump together, place the pump in the water with the supplied fountain head just above the surface, point the panel at the sun and the pump will start!
Solar modules need to be sited so that they are un-shaded and facing approximately south to gain the maximum amount of sunlight.
Mounting brackets are available which enable easy tilting of the
module towards the sun.
Cables can easily be extended to allow module to be sited further away if necessary.

Aquarius Solar Fountain Pumps

High output low power consumption 12V submersible pumps. Especially suitable for oxygenation of fish ponds and creation of small water features independent of mains electricity supplies. The filter housing can be easily opened without tools.

700 series works well with 20Wp PV module. 1500 series with 30-50Wp (not included).

Supplied c/w removeable intake filter wings; 3 x fountain spray nozzles; 5m cable.

Dimensions: 220x130x135mm (l x w x h).
Five year warranty.

Oase Aquarius Solar 700-1500 Pumps
Oase Aquarius Solar 700-1500 Pumps Components Oase Aquarius Solar 700-1500 System Oase Aquarius Solar 700-1500 Pattern Chart Oase Aquarius Solar 700-1500 Chart
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AQUA-700 Aquarius Solar 700 fountain pump £116.66
AQUA-1500 Aquarius Solar 1500 fountain pump £154.16