Submersible pumps

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Pumps designed to provide water supplies in isolated locations, with no long cables to bury or electricity bills to pay.
For most drilled wells the water level will be below the suction limit of any pump, so the pump needs to be sited actually in the well itself. The best way to do this is with a submersible pump lowered into the water and positioned between the yearly maximum and minimum levels.

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Lorentz Submersible Pumps

These solar operated pumps are designed for high reliability and life expectancy.

PS2-100 Diagram

Lorentz Self Install Solar Pump System

LORENTZ PS2-100 is a high quality, high efficiency, cost effective solar pump system designed for self installation

Lorentz Sun Switch Front

Lorentz Pump Accessories

Simple and cost effective items used to ensure a professional solar pump system installation