Seaward Solar

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Seaward Solar Power Clamp

The Solar Power Clamp is a feature-packed Power Analyzer designed to enable efficiency measurements, troubleshooting and maintenance of photovoltaic systems.


  • DC power measurement
  • AC and AC+DC true continuous power (RMS) reading
  • Power Factor
  • Total harmonic distortion and harmonics 1 - 25
  • Phase rotation indication
  • Measure current and voltage
  • Smart data hold and peak hold
  • Non-contact voltage indicator

The Solar Power Clamp is especially designed for installers and technicians interested in power measurement and analysis on AC & DC systems and carrying out diagnostic checks.

DC or AC power can be measured directly on either side of the inverter in seconds using the Seaward Solar Power Clamp. The Power Clamp simply clips over the cable to measure current and the supplied in-line connectors can be used to measure the DC voltage whilst the PV modules are connected to the inverter, giving an accurate true RMS reading of the power whilst the system is operational. The harmonic analysis function of the Solar Power Clamp can be used as a means of detecting faults within the inverter.

Seaward Solar Power Clamp
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