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Sundaya Lighting Kits

These lights make using solar power PV systems easy! Simple plug -in systems allow for easy installation and expandability. Sundaya kits incorporate extremely efficient LED lights which have built-in Lithium-Ion batteries and a dimmer pull switch which are just plugged together with the PV panel for charging. System size can be increased by simply plugging in more lights/batteries or PV modules. Ideal for garden sheds, remote buildings, emergency relief or rural lighting. Sundaya Lighting Kits Sundaya lighting kits include lights which are designed to be hung from a ceiling and can be dimmed. The kits include one, two or three lights and are easily expandable into larger systems. A three stage pull switch included in the lights allows maximum use of the solar energy stored in the built-in lithium-ion battery. The lights consist of super 23% efficient LEDs and will give 240 lumens of light output for over six hours. When dimmed to 120 lumens they will give 12 hours use. A 3W PV panel is sufficient to charge the light for normal use . The kit simply plugs together via a connection hub for easy installation. No charge controller is required as it is built into each lamp. Simple expansion of your system is achieved by plugging in additional PV modules to increase charging or more battery/lamps to increase storage and use. Provides for a simple and effective use of solar power. 

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