Solar Charge Controllers

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Solar photovoltaic charge controllers or voltage regulators control the amount of energy from the solar PV panels going into the batteries. In particular they protect the batteries from overcharging, subsequent gassing, loss of electrolyte and possible plate damage. Some charge controllers can also work with small wind turbines. MPPT controllers allow maximum power to be harvested.

Morningstar TriStar MPPT 60

Morningstar Charge Controllers

These solar charge controllers are the perfect choice fo any off-grid PV system.

OutBack Power FLEXmax 60A & 80A Charge Controllers

OutBack Charge Controllers

Robust & powerful maximum power point (MPPT) charge controllers

Victron Blue Solar Charge Controller MPPT 75-15

Victron Charge Controllers

Maximum power point (MPPT) solar charger controllers from Victron Energy