BP Solar Panels

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BP Solar PV modules are solar cells (made from wafers of silicon crystals) laminated between impact resistant high transmission glass and EVA sealant. They are then built into rigid lightweight anodised aluminium framing to give a mountable structure. Electrical connection is via weathertight junction boxes bonded directly to the laminate.

BP Solar’s modules use new enhanced cell coatings and manufacturing processes to improve power by 5% or more over standard modules to give increased reliability and performance. They have tight power tolerances and some of the best warranties in the industry - meaning more power for a longer period of time.

High power, high efficiency modules result in greater production of kilowatt hours per kilowatt peak installed, ie. maximum energy from minimum possible roof space.

BP Solar Panels

BP Solar Modules Utility Series

These advanced Utility series modules use latest high efficiency Polycrystalline anti-reflective coated cells to give excellent performance in low light, overcast conditions and high temperatures. Ideal for grid feeding applications with a design life exceeding 40 years.

Designed for larger grid-connected PV installations with a reduced requirement for mounting hardware.

Uses 72 cells connected in series.
They have a +/-5% power tolerance and average power that is higher than nominal power.

Modules use N-type low profile junction boxes with locking MultiContact Type-4 polarized weatherproof DC-rated connectors on 1200mm flying leads to aid series connection allowing quick installation and eliminating wiring errors.

Made in China


  • 5 years materials & workmanship.
  • 12 years to 93% power.
  • 25 years to 85% power.
BP Solar Modules Utility Series
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BP3270T 270Wp Poly Wirehold J-Box, MC, 24V £135.00