Powering Wind & Sun

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Lion Yard, Upper Hill

Wind & Sun Office Rear

Several PV solar systems have been installed to provide on-site generation.

  • Two 25kWp arrays on east & west roofs of main warehouse each connected to SMA 20kW Tripower inverters.
  • A ~4kWp array on the solar car port using SolarEdge inverter and optimisers
  • A 4kWp array on the south roof with a SMA 3.6KW inverter
  • A 1kWp array also located on the South roof with an SMA 1.5kW inverter
  • 8 REC 250 W modules on the solar bike port each using SMA micro inverters.

Wind & Sun Heating System Lion Yard 01These generate the equivalent of at least the annual electrical requirements of the site.

Displays are incorporated to show output and performance together with showcasing the products we supply.

Heating for the building is provided by an Okofen Biomass wood pellet heating system.

Energy Storage and Backup Power

Our back-up power system consists of 3 x SMA Sunny Island 8.0H-12 inverters and a 25kWh Tesvolt Li-Ion battery store and is monitored using the new SMA Data Manager.

Normally, it is designed to store surplus generation during the day to reduce grid consumption at night, so improving the benefit of our on-site generation. However, the facility to maintain services means it can sometimes be invaluable!

The system has pride of place in our showroom so visitors and customers are able to see it in action and learn more. Account customers are welcome to bring along their clients – so they can in turn show how adding a back-up storage system to a commercial PV system can protect and benefit their business.

Wind & Sun SMA-Tesvolt Back Up System Commissioning

3.975kW SolarEdge System

42.65kW SMA System


Humber Marsh

Poven Now King Span Wind Turbine 03

Wind & Sun have four discrete solar arrays installed at our premises and a 2.5kW Proven wind turbine.  Each system is grid connected by their own SMA inverter.

Storage System

An energy storage system is included to maximise 'self consumption' from our on-site generation and to provide back-up power for our offices during grid power cuts.

This incorporates a Sunny 

Wind Suns Office And Training Centre With Solar Tracker SEN SOL 50 And Integrated Photovoltaic Panels 03

Island 8.0H inverter, 48V 1150Ah Rolls AGM battery (giving ~ 27kWh of useable storage).

Sunny Portal Data

We are logging data from these using a Sunny Home Manager to visualise the data: