Windy Boys

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WB5000A WB6000AStoke Prior Schools SMA Windy Boy InstallationBased on our pioneering experiences of installing grid connected PV systems, Wind & Sun worked with SMA to help develop an a new range of inverters to provide an effective interface enabling the connection of small scale wind turbines to the grid.

These ‘Windy Boy’, allowing simple connection to a normal 230 V AC single phase domestic supply - providing electricity for building loads without the use of batteries.

Whenever it is windy, power generated is first used by house loads, reducing power consumption from the grid with any high wind surplus then being exported to the electricity company - theoretically the meter can turn backwards! In times of low wind or when power consumption.

Operating state monitoring and data acquisition are carried out within the Windy Boy inverter. Wind turbine voltage; mains voltage & frequency; input current & power; operating hours and generated kWh energy are measured.

Inverters include displays to show essential information or all values can be accessed centrally via a PC or remotely via the internet and a Sunny Webbox using a choice of communication methods. 

Connection of a Windy Boy electrical system to the grid must have local electricity company approval and the installation method and protection must meet their standards.

The Windy Boy inverters automatically shut down in the event of: High/Low grid AC-voltage; High/Low grid frequency; Grid Failure; or Inverter Malfunction - meeting the UK utilities G83/1 & G59/2 standards.

Unfortunately, these 'Windy Boy' inverters are no longer manufactured or available. We are working on finding a good alternative solution!