Solar Pumping Kits

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Solar Pumping SystemThese pump water during the day to fill an elevated storage tank which is sized to hold sufficient water for supply during cloudy weather or at night. Water is delivered by gravity pressure to points of use below the tank level.
The pump controller matches the power from the PV’s to the demands of the pump motor - allowing the pump to start even in weak sunlight.

Solar Pumping Kit

Small self -install solar borehole pumping kit suitable for irrigation or livestock watering. Simple plug-and-play installation.

  • Pump includes spigot for connection to 1" hose for water delivery.
  • Max head 27 metres with 0.8 m3/hour flow
  • Max flow 1.8 m3/hour at 6m head

Performance depends upon:

  • Location
  • Time of year
  • Depth of borehole/well
  • Total head and length of pipe to storage tank

For example in the UK (Birmingham) for a borehole with total dynamic head of 10m this will pump an average ~ 7 m3/day ( ~ 10 m3/day in July; ~ 1.5 m3/day in December)


  • 1 x 370Wp solar PV panel (1755 x 1040 mm)
  • Side of pole mounting bracket
  • Submersible pump, controller & MC4 adapter cable
  • 15m cable to connect pump to pump controller
  • Well dry run protection sensor

Optional Extras:

  • Float switch to switch off pump when tank is full
  • Alternative cable lengths

Not Included:

  • Mounting pole (78mm diameter)
  • Pipe & fittings

Please Note:
Due to the size of the panel, this kit is only available for collection or bulk orders.

Lorentz PS2-100 installation video and LED troubleshooting

PS2-100 Diagram
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