Wind & Sun's Environmental and Sustainability Statement

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Our Premises

Wind & Sun Ltd operate over two sites:

  • Humber Marsh, Stoke Prior, where we have offices, workshop and training room. We have operated from here since 1997 and several new buildings have been constructed and improvements made.
  • Lion Yard, Upper Hill, where we have offices, showroom and warehousing. We purchased this property in 2014 and carried out significant conversion work to the buildings before starting to use them at the end of 2015.
Humber Marsh
  • Our Humber Marsh office building was designed with energy conservation in mind.  Constructed using green building techniques, it incorporates a high degree of thermal mass wrapped in high levels of Warmcell recycled paper insulation. 
  • It has a glazed south facing gable to optimise passive solar gain, which minimises the requirement for heating or cooling systems that may create energy demands in excess of that supplied by wind and solar units. 
  • The building was designed so that it utilizes natural ventilation cooling in summer instead of using high energy solutions such as air conditioning and mechanical ventilation.
  • The building has high levels of draught proofing.
  • All other buildings have high levels of thermal insulation.
  • Low energy lighting is used throughout our premises.
Upper Hill
  • A 50kWp PV system was installed to provide on-site generation.
  • A Biomass heating system has been installed to replace a former oil fired heating system
  • Led lighting has been fitted to replace fluorescent lighting and reduce energy requirements.
  • These combined measures will ensure that the whole site will be carbon neutral in energy use.
Electricity Supply

We produce our own power using several grid connected photovoltaic arrays and a 2.5kw wind turbine (at Humber Marsh) these generate the equivalent of at least the annual electrical requirements of both sites.

  • Power generated is used first by site loads and then any surplus power is exported to the grid.  The National Grid acts as an energy store supplying power in times when demand exceeds production. 
  • All other energy, purchased from the grid, is supplied on a green tariff by Good Energy.
Energy Use & Energy Conservation

Energy is best utilised with a concerted effort to minimise energy usage.

  • To minimise energy wastage, all electrical appliances are switched off at the wall outlet when not in use.
  • To minimise heat losses, in winter, doors and windows are kept shut to avoid heat loss.
  • Office appliances used have been selected for energy efficiency.
  • All other buildings have high levels of thermal insulation.
  • Low energy lighting is used throughout our premises.
  • We make an effort to minimise unnecessary journeys by Wind & Sun employees.
  • Where possible journeys are planned to minimise mileage and therefore promote fuel economy.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions from plane transport are extremely high. All our stock from Europe is transported by boat. Often products from America are transported by plane because of time constraints – we aim to change this in the future.
  • We aim to minimise shipping to keep costs and fuel use as low as possible.
  • Electric vehicle charging points are provided at both sites
  • Cycling to work is encouraged (we are part of cycle-to-work scheme), shower and changing facilities are provided and at Upper Hill there is a cycle shelter (with electric points for charging E-bikes). 
  • When recruiting we aim to do this from the local area in order to reduce travel, and by these means to minimise vehicle emissions and traffic volumes.
Waste Management

Wind & Sun Ltd. try to lessen the amount of waste going to landfill, protect the environment and act in a responsible manner so as not to waste resources that could be utilised.

Reduction, Re-use and Recycling of Waste

  • We aim to reduce waste creation.
  • We re-use and recycle as much waste as possible.
  • All waste is separated for re-use or recycling.
  • We re-use and recycle packaging as much as possible, whilst still ensuring that all goods reach their destination in good condition.
  • All cardboard boxes and packing materials received by Wind & Sun are re-used for despatch of products.  Packaging that cannot be utilised for re-use is recycled as far as possible.
  • The only packaging purchased is bubble wrap & stretch wrap, all other packaging has been used previously.
  • Printing is double sided where possible to avoid wasting paper.
  • Wind & Sun will accept returned packaging to utilise for re-use.
  • Toners and print cartridges are returned to supplier for recycling.
  • All our organic waste is composted.
Water and Sewage
  • Rainwater harvesting system installed at Upper Hill to provide grey water for a new toilet block.
  • The Upper Hill site water supply is from our own well
  • Rain water is collected at Humber Marsh for use in wildlife ponds.
  • We have no mains drainage on either site.  Sewerage is dealt with via a septic tank which drains off towards the orchard area nourishing the fruit trees.
Working on Installation Sites
  • All waste packaging and materials are removed from site after work is finished for re-use or recycling.
  • Care is taken during every operation undertaken by Wind & Sun that it does not create any deleterious environmental effects.
Toxic Materials

Batteries are used for energy storage in off-grid wind and solar systems.

No batteries for sale to customers are stored on site.

Battery banks use extremely corrosive chemicals. To minimise risk Wind & Sun employ the following procedures:

  • Batteries are installed in a well ventilated place, away from living areas and all batteries are clamped to prevent movement. 
  • Protective goggles, rubber gloves and protective clothing are worn when handling.
  • Electrolyte pumps are employed when filling batteries with acid to prevent spillage. 
  • Bicarbonate of Soda (Baking powder) is prescribed in the event of acid spillage.
  • Wind & Sun try to ensure that all unusable batteries are recycled. 

Cables & Wiring
The production, use and disposal of PVC results in the creation and release of large amounts of persistent toxic & carcinogenic chemicals, including dioxin – a hormone disruptor, one of the most toxic substances known.

  • In order to avoid this environmental contamination Wind & Sun aim to use polyethylene or rubber insulated cables in place of PVC insulated cables wherever possible.

Other Products & Materials
Wind & Sun aim to avoid the use of any hazardous materials wherever possible.

COSHH data sheets for materials used are available and stored in 25.0.10 COSHH data sheets