Horse Island

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Wind & Sun supply and commission 30kW Sunny Island Multi-Cluster system for remote island using 6 3kW wind turbines and Windy Boy inverters.

This privately owned island had an existing three phase grid powered by two 60kW diesel generators (one being used and one as spare). Properties included the main farmhouse, farm buildings, a fitness centre and four cottages.

In order to reduce reliance on the diesel generators the island owner commissioned a design for a renewable energy system from a German supplier.

SMA Sunny Island System

The design they proposed was a 30kW system with a MC-6 Multicluster Box; 6 x Sunny Island SI- 5048 inverters; a 2500Ah Battery Storage and the 60kW Back-up Diesel Generators.

Originally it also proposed 6 x 1kW ‘Whisper’ wind turbines.

The arrangement with the original supplier didn’t work out and the client purchased a 2500Ah Rolls battery system locally and 6 x Proven 3kW wind turbines with Windy Boy WB-2800i inverters from Aeolus Power in Bristol.

They engaged GreenNRG from Ballydehob to undertake the physical installation of the system.

Wind & Sun were recommended by Aeolus Power as the company that could provide the remaining elements of the project together with technical back up, detailed design and system commissioning.

Wind & Sun also provided remote monitoring over the internet using a Sunny Webbox and Sunny Portal.

Installation and commissioning took place in August 2009.

The addition of a PV system to help give a balanced power supply over the summer months is being considered.

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