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Rec InstallerWe work with a large network of installers, many of whom we have known for a long time and who have received training at Wind & Sun. 

If you are interested in having a solar or energy storage system installed we can put you in touch with someone local to you who can offer a great service.

Please complete the form below and we'll put you in contact. Of course if you have any questions or concerns we would be happy to speak to you directly as well.

Installers we recommend will:

  • Ensure your system works properly
  • Provide quality products that will perform for the long term
  • Be backed by some of the best suppliers & manufacturers in the industry
  • Be there to sort out any problems
  • Give true value to money (not just the cheapest initial price)
  • Have access to our training courses and expertise
  • Ensure you will be happy with your choice!

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