Off Grid Specialists

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Wind & Sun have over 30 years’ experience in providing off-grid power, from boats & caravans through to complete mini-grid systems for island communities.

Almost anything can be catered for - the usual starting point is to carefully determine load requirements in order to size an appropriate power supply. However, the following are solutions for common requests:

When Wind & Sun started (1984) the only market for renewables was with providing power supplies for remote situations such as isolated housing, monitoring, and leisure applications.

Over the years we built on this experience providing solutions for a wide variety of remote off-grid properties and communities -most notably some island ‘mini-grid’ systems.

See our Off Grid and Island case studies

Working with our suppliers, we are now the UK's leading distributor for off-grid equipment and offer training courses as well as a wealth of expert technical support.

Off Grid - On The Grid

We pioneered the use of wind and solar systems in connection with the grid, installing the UK’s first domestic grid connected PV system (1994) and are now working on ways for people to make better use of their generated energy through smart load control, inclusion of battery storage for peak-lopping and back-up power and the based our island experiences the development of mainland micro-grid are seen by many as the environmental solution for the future, helping wean the western populace off its existing centralised energy infrastructure as well as providing developing countries access to clean, reliable energy.

For information sizing an off-grid system please see our Off Grid Sizing page.

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