MY-PV Heating Controls

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Enables PV power to be used for hot water or other electrical space heating. Single or three phase models for different applications.


Three different models are available for different applications. Each includes control unit and 45cm long 1.5" boss immerssion element. Desired water temperature can be set with a rotary dial.


The AC•THOR is a Photovoltaic-Power-Manager for hot-water and space-heating, providing linear control of electric heatsources depending on excess PV power and heat demand. It communicates via ethernet with inverters, battery systems and smart home controllers and receives information on how much photovoltaic energy is available.

In off-grid systems it can respond to frequency rise to divert surplus energy once the battery is full into heating loads.


  • 0-3kW linear output.
  • 16A relay output.
  • Colour touchscreen display
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Made in Austria


The AC•THOR 9s is a Photovoltaic-Power-Manager for hot-water and space-heating for use in 3-phase systems.

Expanding on the features of the standard AC•THOR this 9s version can deliver up to 9kW, has 3 controllable outputs and is suitable for 3-phase immersion heaters (with common neutral conductors) or with three separate 3kW single phase heaters run on separate phases.


  • 0-9kW linear output
  • Colour touchscreen display
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Made in Austria
MY-PV AC-THOR 9s with Terminals

MY-PV AC ELWA-F Frequency Responsive Solar Immersion Heater

For use in off-grid systems to use surplus energy once a battery has become fully charged.

The ELWA-AC-F detects frequency rise of the inverter, if there is excess energy available and uses it for heating water.

  • AC ELWA-F uses energy that cannot be stored in the battery
  • Linear power control 0 - 3.000W for maximum self-consumption
  • The AC ELWA-F needs no communication cables to the inverter
  • Sinusoidal current consumption (no thyristor)
  • For AC off-grid systems with frequency-shift inverters eg. Sunny Island & Victron
MY-PV AC ELWA-F Solar Immersion Heater - Frequency Responsive
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ELWA-AC-F PV AC water heating unit - frequency controlled £450.00