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4kW Solar Off Grid FiT Compatible Kit

Off-grid solar kit to power AC loads and incorporate back-up diesel generator.

Allows PV system to be eligible for Feed-in-Tariffs


  • SMA Sunny Island battery inverter/charger
  • 4kWp PV system and solar inverter
  • Battery
    • ~26kWh battery (~13kWh usable at 50% DOD, C20)
    • 3200 cycles to 50% DOD (depth of discharge)
    • 10 year warranty

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Consider adding:

  • SMA-CLCON-S-10 SMA Cluster Controller to provide remote monitoring
  • SMA-CLCON-PWRSUPPLY power supply for Cluster Controller
  • SI-SWDMSI SMA Speedwire interface to connect Sunny Island to Cluster Controller
  • FCS-1-B frequency controlled switch to turn loads on when battery is fully charged and solar generation is being regulated
  • PV-MAX3UK4KW(N) ground mount for solar panels
  • Back-up generator e.g. diesel (not supplied by us) to provide power when batteries are low
  • C/O-SW4 change over switch to bypass Sunny Island but keep generator connected to loads

Additional components also required:

  • Mounting system for solar panels (see example above)
  • AC wiring and distribution
SMA Off Grid Kit Sunny Island 6.0-8.0H Single Phase Schematic Detailed
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SI-OFF-GRID-FIT 4kW Solar Off Grid FiT Compatible Kit £10,485.96