Stäubli - MultiContact Connectors

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These weatherproof connectors are standard fittings on many modules.

The correct tools are required to prepare cables and allow connectors to be attached.

See: Solar Cable Assembly Tools

Branch connectors allow parallel connection

Stäubli MC4 Connectors

  • Locking fit
  • Rating: 1000V, 39 A when used with 4 or 6 sq mm FlexSol cable.
  • Temperature rating: -40°C - +90°C.
  • For cables with outside diameter of 5 - 6mm (gland diameter range)
Multi-Contact Type 4 Connector Female MC4
Multi-Contact Type 4 Connector Male MC4 Multi-Contact Type 4 Branch Socket MC4 Multi-Contact Type 4 Branch Plug MC4
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Product Code Description Retail Price
(ex VAT)
C1-4/MCF(2) Multi-contact MC4 positive female connector,4-6sqmm, 5-6mmOD £1.56
C1-4/MCM(2) Multi-contact MC4 negative male connector, 4-6sqmm, 5-6mmOD £1.18
C1-10/MCF Multi-contact MC4 positive female connector,10sqmm cable,43A £1.67
C1-10/MCM Multi-contact MC4 negative male connector,10sqmm cable, 43A £1.31
PV-AZB4 Multi-contact branch socket (type 4) negative, 50A £6.30
PV-AZS4 Multi-contact branch plug (type 4) positive, 50A £6.28
C1-4/MCFP(2) MC4 Panel receptacle female 39A 4-6 sqmm £2.26
C1-4/MCMP(2) MC4 Panel receptacle male 39A 4-6 sqmm £1.82