Wind Turbines

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We can supply small battery charging windturbines for DIY installation but for larger turbines professional installation is required.

Wind & Sun have many years experience of wind turbine installation and helped develop the Windy Boy inverter to enable easy grid connection of small wind turbines. However, we no longer install ourselves and instead work with a network of recommended installers.

We recommend the wind turbines below for quality, reliability & performance.

For more information please see:
Wind Power

Rutland 914i Windcharger

Marlec WindChargers

These are ideal for maintaining the charge in 12 or 24V batteries to provide remote power. Uses include:

Leading Edge LE-600 Wind Turbine

Leading Edge Wind Turbines

Wind turbines and accessories for a large number of different battery charging applications.


Britwind Wind Turbines

The Britwind R9000 small wind turbine is the result of years of dedicated research and development.


Kingspan Wind Turbines

Born as the result of over 30 years research, development and innovation (as Proven wind turbines) and with