Grid Connect System

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What it is

A grid connect system can have any type of generation whether it be solar PV, wind or hydro. This then connects into your distribution board and generated power is first used within the property to reduce electricity consumption and any surplus is exported to the grid.

Note that if the grid supply fails, to protect linesmen working on the grid, the system will shut down. For solutions that also give power in the event of a power cut

please see Grid Connect System with Battery Storage.

What it can offer you

This simple system can be a very wise investment allowing you to:

  • Reduce your electricity consumption and your bills
  • Get paid for the electricity you export to the grid
  • Protect yourself against rising future energy costs
  • Reduce your environmental impact
  • Increase the value of your home
Optimal use

Often the lower price paid for electricity sold compared to electricity bought makes it advantageous to make best use of all power generated, for example by using electricity during periods of high generation. There are many products to help you monitor the system and even automatically turn on appliances when you are exporting, you can

find them here.

What's in the system

As an example here is a list of components in a typical grid connected solar system (from the roof down):

Solar Grid Connect Schematic


What next

If you would be interested in receiving a free no obligation survey and quotation from one of our recommended installers click the link below. Additionally we would be happy to talk to you about the products and help you decide what would be best.