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Collection: kWh Meters

Used to record generated or imported/exported energy.

They provide the basis for feed-in tariff payments by accurately recording wind or PV generation. OfGem approved to allow ROC’s or other payments for on-site generation to be claimed. They are located between the inverters and the point of connection to the supply. 

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  • Emlite kWh Meters

    Emlite kWh Meters

    4 models available
    From £38.25

    The Emlite single phase meter provides a compact solution for many metering applications. Fully approved in accordance with the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID), this highly accurate meter may be used for utility billing or micro-generation metering.

  • ISKRA kWh Meters

    ISKRA kWh Meters

    3 models available
    From £15.30

    Three-phase MID approved meters for billing or generation.

  • DIN rail mounted kWh meter

    DIN rail mounted kWh meter


    This meter can be DIN rail mounted for use inside enclosures or distribution boards.

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