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  • Schletter ProLine Mounting Rails

    Schletter ProLine Mounting Rails

    3 models available
    From £5.48
    • Material: Aluminium EN AW 6063 - T66
    • Can be combined with roof hooks, connectors and module clamps of the ProLine series
    • Can also be combined with the SingleFix Pro trapezoidal sheet fastener
  • Schletter Solo Mounting Rail

    Schletter Solo Mounting Rail

    3 models available
    From £3.44

    Aluminium module-bearing profile rails - standard components of the fastening system. Solo05 for Klick system and compatible accessories.

  • Schletter EcoLight Mounting Rails

    Schletter EcoLight Mounting Rails


    Aluminium module-bearing profile rails - 450mm length rail is used with 2 x SingleFix Pro (SCH-113009-003).

  • Schletter Fix-Z-7 and Fix-Z-15

    Schletter Fix-Z-7 and Fix-Z-15

    3 models available
    From £9.24

    For flat trapezoidal sheet roofs with less than a 10-degree slope, module installation parallel to the roof is not always optimal, due to low yields and inadequate module self-cleaning.

  • Schletter FixZ Pro

    Schletter FixZ Pro


    Flush mounted installations on low-pitch trapezoidal roofs may be less than ideal for self-cleaning and maximum yield. At the same time using conventional struts may not be possible or uneconomical due to higher loads. In these cases FixZ Pro offers flexibility, with a universal and cost-effective solution that optimises load transfer to the roof while providing optional tilt angles as desired.

*see manufacturer's documentation for further information