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Enables PV power to be used for hot water or other electrical space heating. Single or three phase models for different applications.


Three different models are available for different applications. Each includes control unit and 45cm long 1.5" boss immerssion element. Desired water temperature can be set with a rotary dial.

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    The AC•THOR is a Photovoltaic-Power-Manager for hot-water and space-heating, providing linear control of electric heatsources depending on excess PV power and heat demand. It communicates via Ethernet with inverters, battery systems and smart home controllers and receives information on how much photovoltaic energy is available.

  • MY-PV AC•THOR 9s

    MY-PV AC•THOR 9s


    The AC•THOR 9s is a Photovoltaic-Power-Manager for hot-water and space-heating for use in 3-phase systems.

  • MY-PV ELWA DC Immersion Heater

    MY-PV ELWA DC Immersion Heater


    For direct connection to a dedicated PV system using 4-8 standard 60 cell modules. The DC current from the photovoltaic modules is controlled with a MPP-Tracker for a maximum power output of the immersion heater (up to 2kW). No connection to a grid supply or inverter is required.

  • MY-PV Power Meter

    MY-PV Power Meter

    3 models available
    From £35.74

    The MY-PV Power Meter allows excess solar generation (normally exported to the grid) to be automatically diverted to heaters in order to maximise the self-consumption of your PV system. It detects the energy flows of the PV system and transmits the excess energy data to the PV Power Manager AC•THOR, AC•THOR 9s.

  • MY-PV AC•THOR Temperature Sensor

    MY-PV AC•THOR Temperature Sensor


    AC•THOR allows the connection of up to 4 special digital temperature sensors.

  • MY-PV 3-phase Immersion Heater

    MY-PV 3-phase Immersion Heater


    3-phase immersion heater element for AC•THOR 9s.

*see manufacturer's documentation for further information