Submersible Pumps

Pumps designed to provide water supplies in isolated locations, with no long cables to bury or electricity bills to pay.
For most drilled wells the water level will be below the suction limit of any pump, so the pump needs to be sited actually in the well itself. The best way to do this is with a submersible pump lowered into the water and positioned between the yearly maximum and minimum levels.

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    Lorentz Self Install Pumps

    Designed and built using LORENTZ's 25 years experience in off -grid water pumping systems. The system sets a new level of quality and reliability for plug and play pumping systems.

    This high efficiency, low cost solar pumping system comprising of pump and controller is ideal for applications such as livestock water and irrigation.

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    • Designed for long life to serve a wide range of flow and head requirements.
    • Offering “plug and play” self installation
    • Operation with a sstandard solar panel >200Wp (max 55VDC)


    • High quality
    • Simple plug and play connections for customer self install
    • Controller with plug-in MC4 adaptor cable for PV input and inputs for pump, run dry protection and tank full float switch
    • Motor with socket and cable with plug (15 m / 50 ft)
    • Bracket for controller mounting under PV module
    • Replaceable cables for long life
    • Optional dry run protection and tank full float switch sensors

     Technical data

    • High-efficiency ECDRIVE DC brushless motor and high efficiency helical rotor pump
    • Maximum 40 m / 90 ft head and 3 m3/h flow rate
    • Designed to operate with any standard solar panel >200Wp
    • Maximum voltage: 55VDC.
    • Max. ambient temperature: 50°C
    • Made in China
    • Warranty 1Year


    • System controller with plugged connections, integrated MPPT
    • Controller with Bluetooth® connectivity for local configuration and control
    • Simple S-Connect app for speed control, timers and extended trouble shooting

    Pump includes:

    • Plug and play connection for self install
    • Plug-in 15m motor cable, fixed by screws 
    • 1" pipe spiggot for outlet hose

    Controller includes:

    • Plug-in MC4 adaptor cable for PV input
    • LED indicators to show operation
    • Run on/off switch
    • Connections for pump motor; solar PV input, and optional dry running protection well probe &/or tank full float switch


    • Well probe for dry run protection with cable
    • Float switch for tanks with cable
    • 15 m / 50 ft motor extension cable with plug
    • 15 m / 50 ft well probe/float switch extension cable with plug
    LORENTZ S-Connect App

    With LORENTZ S-Connect App easily configure and control your S1-200 pumping system via Bluetooth® connectivity locally.

    • Download it for free on your AndroidTM smartphone from the Google Play Store
    • Connect to your pumping system and access multiple functions such as: Control and measurement of daily/weekly flow, speed, power, performance of connected sensors, timers setting, detailed troubleshooting scheme
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    Lorentz Submersible Pumps

    These solar operated pumps are designed for high reliability and life expectancy. Helical rotor (HR) or centrifugal (C) models with maintenance free brushless DC motors. Excellent efficiency. High resistance to sand and corrosion.

    They are supplied with IP68 weatherproof controllers suitable for PV direct operation with integrated maximum power point tracking. This also allows pumps to be used with a battery and includes low voltage disconnection and restart after recharge. A separate charge controller is required to prevent battery overcharge.

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    • Two inputs for dry well probe, pressure switch or tank/remote float switch.
    • LED indicators for system status.
    • Protected against: overload, temperature, reverse polarity, lightning.

    The max. pump speed is adjustable to reduce flow rate to approx. 30% if desired. (20% for PS150)
    In PV direct operation the maximum PV array size is unlimited as the controller regulates max. power consumption.

    Solar panels, Float/Pressure switches and filters must be ordered separately.

    To give you an idea of the savings to made compared to a diesel solution please take a look at the Lorentz Solar v Diesel Calculator.

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    Remote monitoring with Lorentz PS data module and pump scanner app

    Remote monitoring for pumping systems. Get detailed information about the performance, quickly identify any pump performance issues and reduce fault finding time and cost.

    The Lorentz PS data module and pump scanner for AndroidTM provides data logging, remote monitoring and control for the whole PS range.

    Contact us for help with choosing a suitable pump for your application.

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    Low Voltage Submersible Pumps

    A range of small pumps for use in battery systems.