For isolating, selecting or controlling electrical equipment

    Isolation and Changeover Switches

    DC & AC switches for isolating generation or loads, or to select and changeover between AC loads or sources - eg. From automatic operation to manual operation or off for servicing.

    DC Isolators

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    These are used between high voltage DC PV arrays and grid-connect inverters. They are located adjacent to the inverter and are required to provide a means of manually isolating the entire PV array during system installation or any subsequent maintenance.  The switch must be rated for system voltage (1.15 x string open circuit voltage Voc) and current (1.25 x string short circuit current Isc). 

    AC Isolators

    These are required to provide a means of manually isolating the AC supply to a grid-connect inverter. Two AC isolation switches may need to be provided between the inverter and the point of connection to the supply. One adjacent to the inverter and one adjacent to the consumer unit (Only one is needed if in the same room). The one adjacent to the consumer unit must be readily accessible and capable of being locked in the off position only. Switches must be double pole and suitably labelled. 

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    Battery Switches

    For isolating or selecting batteries and controlling DC loads.
    • Battery Isolator Switches

      Battery Isolator Switches

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      Used to isolate a battery from the rest of the system.

    • Battery Changeover Switches

      Battery Changeover Switches


      Switch between one, two or both batteries with a firm off position.

    • Timer Switches

      Timer Switches

      3 models available
      From £50.00

      Ideal for controlling lighting, heating, pumping and ventilation systems. Digital display with up to 8 on and 8 off operations; manual on/off override; daily, weekend and 5 & 7 day week modes. Internal battery reserve stores memory. Panel mounting with voltage free changeover contacts. Uses 1.2W.

      Contact Rating: 16A resistive; 3A inductive/capacitive.

    • Battery Switches

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