System Accessories

Cables, Wiring and Connectors

For efficient use of renewable electricity cables and fittings must be chosen carefully.

The right cables of the correct cross-section should be used to ensure safety, reliability and to minimise voltage drop and energy losses.
Larger wire sizes are required in lower voltage DC systems than in standard AC systems.

Energy Monitoring and Control

Devices to monitor your generation and consumption of energy.

Options allow automatic control of appliances based on whether surplus generated electricity is available.

Fuses and Circuit Protection

The fitting of adequate fuses or circuit protection in all DC circuits is essential.

These must be big enough to carry the maximum expected current, but not over-sized for the current rating of wire used.


Suitable labelling is required in wind & PV systems and MCS guidelines give recommendations and requirements for these. All labels must be clear, easily visible and should be constructed and fixed so as to remain legible and in place throughout the design life of the system. The Wind & Sun label packs are suitable for typical domestic systems or labels are available in sheets of one type.

Actual dimensions of the labels may differ slightly from the ones listed.


For isolating, selecting or controlling electrical equipment


Installation and commissioning tools for solar PV and battery systems.