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Collection: Test Meters

Used for measuring performance, commissioning of systems and troubleshooting.

Essential for installing, maintaining and troubleshooting a renewable energy system. A digital multimeter is a hand-held instrument for measuring basic electrical properties: voltage; current and resistance. Can also be used to measure other functions such as frequency.

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  • Multimeter MM-1

    Multimeter MM-1


    A highly reliable 3½ digit autoranging digital multimeter with data hold function. Ideal for general maintenance work.

    Wide range of functions with 29 ranges including:

  • Multimeter MM-2

    Multimeter MM-2


    Palm Size Multi-function digital multimeter for testing electronic and electrical appliances. Three and a half digit LCD display.

  • Seaward Solar Power Clamp

    Seaward Solar Power Clamp


    The Solar Power Clamp is a feature-packed Power Analyzer designed to enable efficiency measurements, troubleshooting and maintenance of photovoltaic systems.

  • Test Meter Leads

    Test Meter Leads

    4 models available
    From £8.20

    Test meter leads fitted with connectors to enable easy and safe testing of PV module output.

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