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Collection: Battery Relays

These relays are used to switch various loads and charging sources when connected directly to a battery.
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  • Victron Battery Protect

    Victron Battery Protect

    8 models available
    From £30.47

    The Victron Battery Protect disconnects the battery from loads before the battery is completely discharged, this prevents damage to the battery and will leave some charge in the battery e.g. to start an engine.

  • Victron Cyrix Intelligent Charge Relays

    Victron Cyrix Intelligent Charge Relays

    3 models available
    From £45.00

    The Cyrix-Li-Charge will connect a battery charger with 3 seconds delay: – if the Charge Disconnect output of the VE.Bus BMS is high, and – if it senses 13,7V (resp. 27,4V or 54,8V) or more on its battery charger connection terminal, and – if it senses 2V or more on its battery terminal (the Cyrix will remain open, if not connect to the battery).

  • Victron Cyrix Intelligent Load Relays

    Victron Cyrix Intelligent Load Relays

    2 models available
    From £57.91

    The Cyrix-Li-load will disengage when its control input becomes free floating. If the battery voltage recovers after disconnection (which will happen when no other loads are connected to the battery), the output of the BMS will become high and the Cyrix will reengage after 30 seconds. After 3 attempts to reengage, the Cyrix will remain disengaged until battery voltage has increased to more than 13 V (resp. 26 V or 52 V) during at least 30 seconds (which is a sign that the battery is being recharged).

*see manufacturer's documentation for further information