WEEE Compliance


There are potentially big repercussions for anyone that is in possession of solar panels that have not been reported when imported.

A list of the registered companies can be found here.

Anyone who imports PV panels into the UK (either a Distributor or Project Developer) is required to:

  • Register with the Environment Agency as a producer of EEE (Electrical and Electronic Equipment).
  • Report the total amount of EEE placed on the UK market, which may include other equipment in addition to PV panels.
  • Pay the appropriate producer registration charge set by the regulatory authority.
  • Take financial responsibility for waste PV panels under the arrangements described within the regulations.

They must also provide a producer registration number to their customers to confirm to them that they are purchasing EEE from a registered producer in the UK.

Our Producer Registration Number is WEE/GK4677RY.

Due to the high quality of the REC PV panels that we're supplying we see negligible failures or breakages and expect their life to be long. So recycling is unlikely to be much of an issue for us for a very long time.

However as an additional service to our account customers, Wind & Sun can now act as a Collection Point for any PV panels that need to be recycled, whether they were originally purchased from us or not.