Installation and commissioning tools for solar PV and battery systems.

    Battery/Inverter Cable Assembly Tools

    Used to ensure easy and correct assembly of cable lugs to battery/inverter cables

    Solar Estimation Tools

    Used to estimate potential performance of a planned solar system

    Solar Cable Assembly Tools

    The correct tools should be used to prepare cables and attach connectors.

    A common source of PV module failures is improperly installed connectors so when wiring the PV system, correct assembly and crimping with qualified tools is crucial.

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    Stäubli guides the user step by step through the assembly process for MC4 and MC4-Evo 2 connectors using the qualified Stäubli tools. Paying attention to a few fine points when assembling and installing the solar connectors pays off with a long-lasting and safely running PV system. 

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    • Staubli Tool Belt

      Staubli Tool Belt


      The Staubli tool belt puts all your MC4 and MC4-Evo 2 tools at hand. Made from a heavy-duty waterproof material. Tool belt includes:

    • Staubli Torque Toolset

      Staubli Torque Toolset


      The torque toolset enables consistent correct tightening of Satubli MC4 and MC4-Evo 2 connectors. Set includes: torque tool (incl. extra tool integrated into the handle to set the torque), adapter and socket wrench insert. Designed for easy one-handed use.

    • Staubli MC4 Toolset

      Staubli MC4 Toolset


      This set contains all the tools specifically designed for professional field installation of the entire Original MC4 product family. The assembly of PV connectors can make or break a project, by using the Stäubli toolset for PV connector field installation you will improve the quality and reliability of the PV DC connection. Supplied with crimp die-set suitable for 4, 6 and 10 sq mm connectors.

    • Solar Cable Assembly Tools

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    Test Meters

    Used for measuring performance, commissioning of systems and troubleshooting.

    Essential for installing, maintaining and troubleshooting a renewable energy system. A digital multimeter is a hand-held instrument for measuring basic electrical properties: voltage; current and resistance. Can also be used to measure other functions such as frequency.

    • Multimeter MM-1

      Multimeter MM-1


      A highly reliable 3½ digit autoranging digital multimeter with data hold function. Ideal for general maintenance work.

      Wide range of functions with 29 ranges including:

    • Multimeter MM-2

      Multimeter MM-2


      Palm Size Multi-function digital multimeter for testing electronic and electrical appliances. Three and a half digit LCD display.

    • Seaward Solar Power Clamp

      Seaward Solar Power Clamp


      The Solar Power Clamp is a feature-packed Power Analyzer designed to enable efficiency measurements, troubleshooting and maintenance of photovoltaic systems.

    • Test Meters

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