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Collection: Ground Mounts

A range of ground mounting structures designed for ease of construction, all weather conditions and long life.

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  • Schletter PV-MaxS Kit

    Schletter PV-MaxS Kit


    This is a modular system for mounting large PV arrays in open areas.  Made with high quality components, it allows easy to erect economical systems with long lifetimes. Ideal for small to medium sized PV plants where the cost of pile-driven supports is prohibitive or not possible.

  • A4 Stainless Anchor Bolts

    A4 Stainless Anchor Bolts


    High grade stainless steel anchor bolt for Schletter PV Max ground mount systems.

  • Tm Type Ground Mounts

    Tm Type Ground Mounts

    4 models available
    From £36.61

    These sturdy low level PV mounting structures, made from galvanised tubular steel and can be coupled together to make up an array of any size.

  • N Type Ground Mounts

    N Type Ground Mounts

    2 models available
    From £49.92

    These structures provide a higher level mounting for medium sized systems with easy installation.

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