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Wind turbines and accessories that provide the basis for a large number of different battery charging applications, such as boats, industrial applications, road signage, remote telemetry and decentralised power systems.

The team behind Leading Edge has been designing, manufacturing and installing wind turbines for over 12 years. Leading Edge’s wind turbines are generating clean, reliable and renewable power on all seven continents, providing power in challenging climates such as the Antarctic a testament to their endurance and reliability.
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  • Leading Edge LE-300 (Standard) Wind Turbine

    Leading Edge LE-300 (Standard) Wind Turbine

    3 models available
    From £226.63

    The Leading Edge LE-300 wind turbine, efficient, compact, quiet and considered to be the most rugged and reliable horizontal axis wind turbine in its class.

  • Leading Edge LE-600 Wind Turbine

    Leading Edge LE-600 Wind Turbine

    2 models available
    From £1,332.27

    Rating: 160 watts @ 8m/s (17.8mph) wind
    Peak output: 750 watts @ 18m/s (40mph)
    Voltage: 12, 24 or 48 volts DC.
    Rotor Diameter: 1.54m
    Cut In Windspeed: 3m/s (6.7mph)

  • Leading Edge 9m Guyed Tower

    Leading Edge 9m Guyed Tower


    This is a complete guyed tower assembly for the LE-300, LE-450 & LE-600 that is quick and easy to install with a minimal tool requirements.

  • Leading Edge Dump Loads

    Leading Edge Dump Loads

    3 models available
    From £179.48

    These dump loads are designed to be connected to Morningstar Tristar TS-45 or TS-60 diversion controllers to 'bleed-off' surplus power when batteries are fully charged.

  • Leading Edge Guyed Tower Kit (up to 7.5m)

    Leading Edge Guyed Tower Kit (up to 7.5m)


    Designed for use with LE-300, LE-450 and LE-600 wind turbines, this includes all the equipment needed to construct a guyed mast up to 7.5m – using a standard scaffold pole (48.3mm or 50mm outer diameter) providing a cost effective solution that simply requires a standard scaffold pole that can be sourced locally.

  • Leading Edge Run/Stop Switch

    Leading Edge Run/Stop Switch


    This allows the turbine to be electrically isolated from the battery systems whilst also bringing the turbine to a near stop by placing a short circuit across the turbine output by putting the alternator into ‘dynamic braking’ mode. Supplied in a pre-assembled, compact IP65 enclosure making it easy to wire-in and mount.

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