Cables, Wiring and Connectors

For efficient use of renewable electricity cables and fittings must be chosen carefully.

The right cables of the correct cross-section should be used to ensure safety, reliability and to minimise voltage drop and energy losses.
Larger wire sizes are required in lower voltage DC systems than in standard AC systems.

    Solar Cable and Connectors

    Double insulated single core cable together with polarised weatherproof DC connectors.

    These allow fast, easy connection of solar modules, speeding installation time and eliminating wiring errors. Standard fitting on many PV modules and grid-connect inverters.

    Special tools are required for crimping the connectors to the cable.

    Note: Plug and socket connectors mated together in a PV system should be of the same type from the same manufacturer. Different brands may only be interconnected where a test report has been provided confirming compatibility of the two types to the requirements of BS EN 50521.

    Battery/Inverter Cables and Connectors

    Very high currents can flow in cables connecting inverter to the batteries and between the batteries. Cables must be adequately sized to suit the maximum current drawn by the inverter. Low resistance links and tight connections are essential to maintain even use of a battery bank.

    In order to minimise the voltage drop between battery and inverter, and so maintain inverter efficiency, cables should be kept as short as possible and be sufficiently sized.

    • Flexible Cable

      Flexible Cable

      8 models available
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      Flexible multi-strand single core cable. Rubber double insulation, tinned copper conductors Price per metre.

    • Inverter Cables

      Inverter Cables

      7 models available
      From £49.76

      For use between battery and inverter as positive and negative leads. Flexible stranded, rubber double insulated, copper
      wire with colour coded solid copper crimped terminal lugs. Terminals have 8 or 10 mm diameter stud mounting holes.
      Price per cable.

    • Battery Cables

      Battery Cables

      6 models available
      From £13.11

      Ready-made cables for connecting batteries in series or parallel. Cables include two crimped terminal lugs with 8 mm diameter holes.

      Systems with inverters larger than 1kW should use 50 mm² or larger battery interconnects, those with smaller inverters 35 mm² and systems where currents are always less than 30A, 25 mm². Cables are double insulated and can be supplied with colour coded heat shrink marking.

    • Battery/Inverter Cables and Connectors

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    Communication Cables

    In operating a wind or solar system, there is a necessity for trouble-free operation. There are many options for system control and monitoring. Wireless communication may be possible but often, especially where the data is of high value, a wired solution may be best. In this case it is important to use the proper cables for reliable data communication.

    Multi-Core Cables

    For battery based PV systems the following flexible multi-core cables are very suitable.

    Their H07RN-F rating means they are sunlight UV, ozone, temperature and weather resistant. Rubber insulation, black outer, blue/brown cores. Can be used in the open and applications with average mechanical stresses.

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    For higher voltage DC systems (such as grid connect PV arrays) double insulated single core solar cable should be used. See Solar Cables and Connectors

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    Busbars enable simple connection of multiple electrical sources/loads.


    • Edge Fastening Stainless Steel Cable Clips

      Edge Fastening Stainless Steel Cable Clips


      These Stainless Steel Edge Fastening Cable Clips enable simple, durable cable management on solar PV systems. They can be easily attached directly to the solar panel frame by hand and have a high extraction force to provide secure fixing. Rounded edges protect cable insulation from damage.

    • Edge Fastening UV Resistant Cable Ties

      Edge Fastening UV Resistant Cable Ties

      2 models available
      From £28.26

      These Edge Fastening UV Resistant Cable Ties enable simple cable management on solar PV systems. The ties can be attached directly to the solar panel frame so are ideal for systems without rails. The cable tie head can be moved after bundling.

    • Accessories

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