Inverter Warranties

Inverters come with standard warranties that can be extended at extra cost.

    Fronius Extended Warranties

    Fronius offers two extension warranty levels for maximum flexibility.

    The Fronius Warranty Extension.

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    This is a cost effective way of protecting against risks. If a claim is made cost of materials is covered.

    The Fronius Warrenty Extension Plus

    This provides comprehensive cover. If a claim is made, in addition to material costs, transportation costs and a service fee are covered.

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    SMA Extended Warranties

    Home inverters commissioned after October 1st 2021 now benefit, free of charge, from a 5+5 year of full warranty*.

    Inverters must be registered within 12 months following commissioning. To do this:

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    1. Go to
    2. Create an account or login
    3. Start product registration: make sure to have the model number and commissioning date handy
    4. Submit registration and receive the warranty certificate via e-mail

    *Terms & conditions apply

    In addition regardless of when an SMA product was purchased, the full cover provided by SMA (during the initial factory warranty period) – can be extended up to 10, 15 and 20 years (depending upon model).

    • Warranty extension only possible if the inverter is still in its original warranty period.
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    SolarEdge Extended Warranties

    • SolarEdge Extended Warranties

      SolarEdge Extended Warranties

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      The SolarEdge inverter warranty is extendable to 20 or 25 years, depending on inverter model. SolarEdge manage a rapid RMA process and generally ship a replacement unit within 48 hours, given the reported defect is eligible for coverage under the Limited Product Warranty.

    • SolarEdge Extended Warranties

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