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    LED lights

    Three times more efficient than halogen lamps, 'Light emitting diodes' (LEDs) are the most efficient way of turning electricity into light. They are an excellent choice for low level and/or localised lighting. Because of their extremely low power consumption they make many PV lighting applications viable and cost effective.

    • Batten Fluorescent Lights

      Batten Fluorescent Lights

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      These fluorescent lights are designed for high light output, performance and reliability. Includes reflector behind the tube to increase light projection and integral rocker switch.

    • LED Superlux Light

      LED Superlux Light


      The Superlux uses two high power Cree LEDs that are run at 700 mA which offers a light level of more than 340 lumens. The low profile design allows for quick and easy surface mounting without causing any obstruction.

    • LED Scenelite Light

      LED Scenelite Light


      This light utilises 6 x 2.5W Power LED’s to create a powerful arc of light and has an IP67 rating offering maximum protection.With a power draw of up to 50% less than standard halogen products and rated life of 60,000 hours.

    • LED lights

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    Street lights

    The SOLARIS is a high quality solar light for professional lighting applications in outdoor areas: Residential and secondary roads; pedestrian and cycle paths; car parks; bus stops; parks......etc

    Reliable Lighting

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    Experience gained from numerous projects and use of high quality components are combined in the SOLARIS.
    The Result: reliable and failure-free lighting – even in winter, maintenance-free and very durable.

    Attractive Design

    The SOLARIS blends harmoniously into any location and landscape with a timeless and modern look.

    Cost Effective

    The SOLARIS is inexpensive ito install and operate. There are no excavation or cabling costs and no electricity bill, because the SOLARIS is independent of the power grid.

    Environmentally Friendly

    The SOLARIS is completely self-sufficient and powered exclusively from the sun. Soil-friendly installation through minimal digging into the ground. The LED light is insect friendly and does not cause light pollution.


    • Quick & easy installation
    • The 13.0Ah NiMh battery is custom made for the SOLARIS and is characterized by a high load capacity and high robustness. It is located in the mast of the SOLARIS to provide protection against theft. 10 year lifespan.
    • High efficiency monocrystalline solar panels ensure that the battery is charged even in cloudy weather.
    • Through the use of high power LEDs the SOLARIS achieves an impressive level of light output.
    • 4000k colour temperature standard; 3000k or 5000k as options.
    • LED lifespan is upwards of 50,000 hours.
    • Complies with DIN EN 13201, lighting class S6.
    • Made in Austria
    • Five year warranty

    Pole Options

    Versions are available without a pole, or with either galvanised or stainless steel pole.

    Galvanised pole: Uses framed monocrystalline solar panel (55Wp or 110Wp) with with adjustable tilt of 45-90° . Height of light from ground level: 4.0m - total length of pole 4.8m.

    Stainless Steel pole: Uses 55Wp framed or 58Wp frameless monocrystalline solar panel with with fixed tilt of 45° . Height of light from ground level: 4.0m - total length of pole 4.8m.

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