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Three times more efficient than halogen lamps, 'Light emitting diodes' (LEDs) are the most efficient way of turning electricity into light. They are an excellent choice for low level and/or localised lighting. Because of their extremely low power consumption they make many PV lighting applications viable and cost effective.

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  • Batten Fluorescent Lights

    Batten Fluorescent Lights

    4 models available
    From £8.00

    These fluorescent lights are designed for high light output, performance and reliability. Includes reflector behind the tube to increase light projection and integral rocker switch.

  • LED Superlux Light

    LED Superlux Light


    The Superlux uses two high power Cree LEDs that are run at 700 mA which offers a light level of more than 340 lumens. The low profile design allows for quick and easy surface mounting without causing any obstruction.

  • LED Scenelite Light

    LED Scenelite Light


    This light utilises 6 x 2.5W Power LED’s to create a powerful arc of light and has an IP67 rating offering maximum protection.With a power draw of up to 50% less than standard halogen products and rated life of 60,000 hours.

  • LED Powerlux Light

    LED Powerlux Light

    2 models available
    From £75.83

    Unrivalled performance comes from 5 x 1.25 watt Power LEDs, and with the addition of an advanced crater reflector, the Powerlux range is up to 3 times brighter than other LED products on the market giving over430 lux @ 1m. Design of the light is both aesthetic and practical. Power LEDs life expectancy of over 100,000 hours. IP67 rating so ideal for wet environments.

  • LED Nebula Light

    LED Nebula Light


    This uses the latest in LED technology, offering optimum performance and extended life, giving greater luminosity, but maintaining low power draw.

  • LED Megalux Enviro Light

    LED Megalux Enviro Light

    2 models available
    From £32.77

    Low profile surface mount light unit with high output of 480 lumens (over 260 lux at 1 metre). Waterproof to IP66.

  • LED Astro Light

    LED Astro Light

    2 models available
    From £26.56

    Batten light using a strip of 12 or 24 white LEDs in a waterproof casing. The angled wash of light to the floor makes it a perfect light source to illuminate work areas, shelving, lockers and much more.

  • LED Apollo Light

    LED Apollo Light

    • High output LEDs creates a clear safe working environment.
    • 70% less energy than Halogen work lights.
    • Reduced ‘hotspots’ and lens shadows – no secondary lens is required so fewer
      shadows are present - just pure white light.

*see manufacturer's documentation for further information