Rolls Battery

Produced by one of North America’s leading lead-acid battery producers and Canada’s only remaining independent battery manufacturer, the Surrette Battery Company Ltd. was established in 1935 and has been located in Springhill, Nova Scotia, Canada since 1959.

Rolls batteries are chosen to provide dependable power in a wide range of Renewable Energy applications and are internationally recognized for their dependability, cycle life and outstanding quality. From residential off-grid, grid-tied or backup power installs to large scale applications such as diesel generator replacement in developing countries and island mini-grid systems.

Wind & Sun have been supplying Rolls Batteries since 2005. We have used in them several minigrid projects such as those installed at the Scottish Isles of Eigg, Muck, Rum, Fair Isle and Foula where they have been operating for up to 15 years.

See: Rolls Brochure