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Rolls premium deep cycle batteries have earned a reputation of reliability and dependability in the renewable energy markets with a life expectancy that is among the longest in the battery industry.

Rolls product lines offer premium deep cycle batteries in a wide range of voltage and capacity options. The Rolls brand and distinctly red cases are well-recognized around the world and represent outstanding quality, dependability and support. Rolls flooded & sealed batteries are chosen by industry professionals and customers time and time again. 

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  • Rolls 4000 Series

    Rolls 4000 Series

    12 models available
    From £144.82

    Durable batteries designed for deep cycling service in renewable energy applications. Thick plate design with high density active material and increased liquid reserve. Polypropylene rigid container construction. Supplied fully charged.

  • Rolls 4500 Series

    Rolls 4500 Series

    2 models available
    From £447.06

    The Rolls 4500 series combines the convenience and portability of the 4000 series, with the extended capacity and cycle life found in the heavy duty 5000 series batteries. They provide a battery with good cycle life at a great price.

  • Rolls 5000 Series

    Rolls 5000 Series

    14 models available
    From £570.81

    These heavy duty batteries are designed for unsurpassed repeated deep cycling service in renewable energy applications. Thick plate design with high density active material and increased liquid reserve. Several 2V cells are pre-assembled together to give higher voltage blocks. These in turn are connected to form a battery bank with appropriate voltage and capacity. Unique battery design features dual container construction. Removable cells are fitted with a durable case giving double protection against breakage or leakage. Easy on-site assembly with no special tools or skills requires. Supplied fully charged with inter-connectors. Self Discharge: ~2-3% per month.

  • Rolls AGM R Series Batteries

    Rolls AGM R Series Batteries

    5 models available
    From £164.25

    The Rolls AGM R Series batteries are an economy alternative to the red series 5. These batteries are deep cyle, sealed and maintenance free, perfect for smaller renewable energy projects.

  • Rolls AGM S Series Batteries

    Rolls AGM S Series Batteries

    11 models available
    From £166.11

    The Rolls AGM S Series battery range provide the performance and life of a true deep cycle battery with all the convenience of sealed construction and being maintenance free. They feature thick plates with a high density active material. This design allows for reserve energy to be stored deep within the battery plates and released during slow discharge. The Rolls AGM range are sealed, non hazardous, non spillable and completely maintenance free. They can be operated upright on their sides and are leak proof, shock and vibration resistant.

  • Rolls OPzV Gel Batteries

    Rolls OPzV Gel Batteries

    14 models available
    From £197.74

    Optimised for stringed use in large sized solar installations, Rolls OPzV Gel range is designed to maximise efficiency and cycle life, making them ideal for off-grid solar applications.

  • Rolls Accessories

    Rolls Accessories

    5 models available
    From £1.67

    Terminal covers protect against accidental contact & possible short circuit.

  • Rolls Batteries AGM Terminal Covers

    Rolls Batteries AGM Terminal Covers

    2 models available
    From £3.39

    Rolls Batteries AGM Terminal Covers to help prevent the possibility of short circuiting the batteries by insulating the terminal.

  • Rolls Batteries Level Indicator

    Rolls Batteries Level Indicator

    2 models available
    From £7.04

    A handy device for quickly checking the level of your Rolls Batteries. Simply unscrew your regular cap and screw this one in, repeat for each cell in your battery system.

  • Rolls Battery Interlink Cables

    5 models available
    From £6.49

    Ready-made cables for connecting batteries in series or parallel. Cables include two crimped terminal lugs.

  • Rolls S-Series LFP

    Rolls S-Series LFP


    Rolls high performance S-Series Lithium-Iron-Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries provide a compatible drop-in sealed lead-acid replacement with fast charging/discharging capability, compact case design and are up to 50% lighter than equivalent lead-acid battery models.

  • Rolls S-Series LFP ESS

    Rolls S-Series LFP ESS

    2 models available
    From £741.02

    Rolls 48V 100Ah S-Series Lithium-Iron-Phosphate (LiFePO4) Energy Storage System (ESS) models offers a fully integrated and scalable energy storage solution with built-in LCD screen & controls, secondary protections in a rack-mount [19”(482mm)] 4U case design.

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