Technical Support

With the installation of a renewable energy system comes considerable responsibility and it is reassuring to know you have the support when you need it. Wind & Sun will help you with the whole experience, from advising on the system and selecting the best components for the job, to troubleshooting any potential problems you may encounter.

We are committed to helping you learn more and offer regular professional training to ensure you are fully informed and equipped to help your customers.

Advice on Product Selection

Descriptions of equipment have been kept to a minimum on the website. Data sheets for products giving a fuller description, together with manuals and other technical information are available on the Quick Links section under the relevant Product description.

We ourselves have used (and lived with) many of the systems and items of equipment listed, so can give advice based on 'hands-on' experience of the benefits and potential pit falls of renewable energy.

In addition Wind & Sun have extensive contacts and access to some of the world's leading manufacturers, so most requirements can be catered for, or specific enquirers pointed in the right direction.

After Sales Technical Support

Installer Training

We offer a continuous stream of renewable energy training courses as a benefit for our trade account customers. Courses are presented by representatives from world leading manufacturers and our own experts.

Telephone and Online Support

We're here to assist customers if they face problems with a product. Clients can contact us by phone or email to get help.

Remote Monitoring

Many systems allow the possibility of remote monitoring so we recommend including this as part of the installation. This can be invaluable in troubleshooting and can assist us and installers in supporting with any issues.

Warranty services

We hope all products will prove to be reliable and satisfying, however, problems sometimes occur.

All products supplied will be guaranteed for 12 months from date of purchase. Many products have additional manufacturer warranties. If you have any issues with products we have supplied please contact us so we can help to rectify the problem and with any warranty claim if required in order to obtain repairs or replacements as speedily as possible.