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Collection: Charge Controller Accessories

Displays, sensors and communication devices for use with solar charge controllers.
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  • Morningstar Communication Adaptors

    Morningstar Communication Adaptors

    3 models available
    From £34.11

    Morningstar’s PC MeterBus Adapter converts a controller’s MeterBus RJ-11 to a standard RS-232 serial connector for connection to a PC or other equipment. The MSC may be used with any Morningstar controller or inverter equipped with a meter connection that does not also already have a RS-232 port. Communications link enables monitoring and logging of data as well as customizing of set points.

  • Morningstar Displays

    Morningstar Displays

    5 models available
    From £60.00

    Digital displays to provide system and controller information, data logging, alarms and errors.

  • Morningstar Ethernet MeterBus Converter

    Morningstar Ethernet MeterBus Converter


    The Ethernet MeterBus Converter (model: EMC-1) provides the data and communications connection for Morningstar devices, between themselves, with surrounding systems, and with the outside environment through the internet. It’s simple to connect to any compatible Morningstar product equipped with an RJ-11 Meterbus port to enable remote monitoring, custom programming, and access to future cloud-based data services.

  • Morningstar MeterHub

    Morningstar MeterHub


    The MeterHub supports the connection of up to 15 Morningstar products on a single MeterBus network. It electrically isolates the devices that supply power to the network to prevent damage in the event of grounding problems. Five status LED’s indicate the proper network connection to each port.

  • Morningstar ReadyBMS

    Morningstar ReadyBMS


    Works with GenStar MPPT Fully-Integrated DC Solar Charge Controller

  • MorningStar ReadyRelay

    MorningStar ReadyRelay


    Works with GenStar MPPT Fully-Integrated DC Solar Charge Controller

  • MorningStar ReadyShunt

    MorningStar ReadyShunt

    3 models available
    From £27.48

    Works with GenStar MPPT Fully-Integrated DC Solar Charge Controller

  • Relay Driver

    Relay Driver


    This is a logic module which provides system control features such as high/low voltage alarms, load control and generator start. It can drive four independent relays by reading digital date inputs from the Morningstar TriStar controller or by reading battery voltage when used in systems with other controllers. It can be DIN rail mounted and is fully programmable via RS232 port connection. Supplied pre-programmed with four commonly used settings. For use in 12 to 48V systems.

  • Temperature Sensor

    Temperature Sensor


    Improves battery charging by using temperature at the battery for very accurate temperature compensation. (Included with TS-MPPT)

  • Victron MPPT Control

    Victron MPPT Control


    The Victron MPPT Control enables you to setup and see the status off all Victron MPPT charge controllers that use a VE.Direct communications port.

  • Victron SmartSolar Control Display

    Victron SmartSolar Control Display


    This Victron SmartSolar Control Display is a retrofittable LCD display for Victron's SmartSolar Charge Controllers. Simply remove the rubber seal that protects the plug on the front of the charge controller and plug-in the display.

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