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For isolating or selecting batteries and controlling DC loads.
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  • Victron Battery Isolator switch

    Victron Battery Isolator switch


    The Victron Battery Switch can be used as a main battery isolator or to isolate individual loads such as inverters. The switch has a unique ergonomic and aesthetic knob design which is removable for isolation or safety purposes, and it can be either surface or panel mounted providing flexibility during install.

  • Battery Isolator Switches

    Battery Isolator Switches

    5 models available
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    Used to isolate a battery from the rest of the system.

  • Battery Changeover Switches

    Battery Changeover Switches


    Switch between one, two or both batteries with a firm off position.

  • Timer Switches

    Timer Switches

    3 models available
    From £50.00

    Ideal for controlling lighting, heating, pumping and ventilation systems. Digital display with up to 8 on and 8 off operations; manual on/off override; daily, weekend and 5 & 7 day week modes. Internal battery reserve stores memory. Panel mounting with voltage free changeover contacts. Uses 1.2W.

    Contact Rating: 16A resistive; 3A inductive/capacitive.

*see manufacturer's documentation for further information