Solar PV Panels

Photovoltaic (PV) modules, often referred to as solar panels consist of a number of semiconductor PV cells connected together. They convert light energy into direct current (DC) electrical energy.

Current and hence power output varies with both size of panel and light level up to peak output in full bright sun.

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Although the output can be used to directly power DC appliances such as pumps, due to the variability of sunlight, PV modules are usually connected either to charge batteries for DC stand alone off-grid systems or connected to the mains grid through an inverter as AC grid connected systems.

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Solar Inverters

Inverters convert DC (direct current) electricity generated by wind turbines, photovoltaic modules or stored in batteries into 230V 50Hz AC (alternating current) power required to run conventional appliances and for connection to the grid.

Solar PV Mounting Systems

High quality, long lasting, well designed solutions for mounting PV modules and arrays.

Solar Charge Controllers

Solar photovoltaic charge controllers or voltage regulators control the amount of energy from the solar PV panels going into the batteries. In particular they protect the batteries from overcharging, subsequent gassing, loss of electrolyte and possible plate damage. Some charge controllers can also work with small wind turbines. MPPT controllers allow maximum power to be harvested.