Solar Inverters

Inverters convert DC (direct current) electricity generated by wind turbines, photovoltaic modules or stored in batteries into 230V 50Hz AC (alternating current) power required to run conventional appliances and for connection to the grid.

String Inverters

These convert the DC power from photovoltaic (PV) panels directly into AC power to be fed into the grid. Called 'string' inverters as the PV panels are wired together in a series string to obtain the required DC input voltage. Storage batteries are not used, as any power produced that is not consumed by the owner’s electrical loads is fed into the grid to be used elsewhere. 

Hybrid Inverters

These are an all-in-one solution for solar energy supplies combining PV solar inverter and energy storage device in one unit. They can charge a battery using surplus energy for use in times of low generation and some can also supply backup power to protected loads during a grid outage. Some can be used with or without solar.

Optimised Inverters & Optimisers

These inverters are used in conjunction with Module Optimisers which are connected to each module to provide individual module-level MPPT tracking and monitoring, optimising the DC output that is connected to the inverter.

Inverter Monitoring

Devices to provide remote monitoring of system performance or an overview of all the energy flows taking place in the household. Controllers allow batteries to be charged/discharged and loads to be controlled remotely to optimise use of generated electricity.

Inverter Accessories

Inverter Warranties

Inverters come with standard warranties that can be extended at extra cost.