Design a System

Fronius Inverters

The Fronius Solar.creator is a free, flexible and user-friendly online configuration tool that supports you to comprehensively plan and design PV systems when consulting and providing solutions for your customers. It can be individually adapted to your needs and, with its numerous functions, offers assistance in all planning stages of your projects.

GSE In-Roof System

The GSE Integration Configuration Tool enables you to design a roof-integration system to suit a particular roof layout and produce a list of components required. (You need to setup an account to be able to use it)

Morningstar Solar Charge Controllers

The Morningstar String Calculator will help you decide how many Photovoltaic (PV) modules you may use in series and parallel with a Morningstar charge controller.

Schletter Mounting Systems

Exclusively  for  companies and installers operating in the solar industry, the Schletter Solar Configurator is available for download to enable designs for particular roof layouts at different locations and suitable components to be selected.

SMA Inverters

With Sunny Design software, you can plan tailor-made PV systems for your customers. It could be a grid-connected PV system with or without a battery-storage system, smart energy management or e-mobility, an off-grid island or hybrid system - Sunny Design takes all technical specifications for the various components into account and provides you with relevant data for a cost-effective assessment of the system. That means that you can match your PV systems to suit the circumstances on-site.

Victron Energy

The Victron MPPT Sizing Calculator is a useful tool for helping select the correct charge controller to suit a PV array.

SolarEdge Inverters and Optimisers

The SolarEdge Designer allows you to achieve optimum designs of SolarEdge systems with minimal time and effort using a range of automated innovative tools