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The FixGrid kit ballasted flat roof mounting combines simple and fast assembly with a capability of withstanding high wind and snow loads, making it even suitable for places exposed to extreme weather.

The high level of pre-assembly means less manual labour at the construction site to install the system. All that is left to do is to install the centre supports (for the east-west direction) or the upper FixZ profiles (for the south direction) and fasten the module clamps.

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A one-turn connector allows fastening without tools, which speeds up installation even more. Just twist into the click channel and the upper module support is installed. If necessary, for higher wind loadings, additional trays must be attached to accommodate the ballast.

For the east-west systems, kits for two or three module pairs are available.
For solutions set up in a southerly direction, two or three rows one behind the other are possible, so that the row structure is always retained and the desired module configurations can be achieved.
System kits can then be put together to allow any module configuration desired to be created.

There are different possibilities for ballast installation:

  • Ballast with concrete stones 100 mm wide on the base rails
  • Ballast with additional troughs 
  • Ballast with standing lawn edging stones on the Windsafe
  • Ballast with additional ballast trays

or a combination of the above.

Note: The required ballast is determined using the Schletter configuration tool.

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